The A.P.C/Anti Corruption Protection

The Anti Corruption Protection or A.P.C Is a stable from Pitsburge PA constisting of Iron Crusher Daimaond Crusher Gold Crusher Iron Coal and Steel Crusher they debuted on Febuary 4 2017 they whould split up and reform later that year in 2018 they gained two new members

Deut 2017-2017

On febuary 4th 2017 the A.C.P formed together they whould contuine until iron crusher whent solo they reformed and add comet and enderrock

Hunt for gold 2018-Present

They begun a hunt for tag gold and tehy added sapphire crusher


Iron Crusher Leader Dates in Group
Daimond Crusher II 2017-present
Gold Crusher President 2017-present
Iron Coal I 2017-2018
Comet High Flyer 2017-present
Steel Crusher Power House 2017-present
EnderRock Secondary Power House 2017-present
Sapphire Crusher Third power house 2017-present


  • Steel Foundery (2017 -2018
  • Migran (2018-Present)


  • Bone Crusher (2017 -2018)
  • Iron Crush (2018-Present
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