Alex Denim Cole is an American Professional Wrestler Currently singhed to Extreme Hardcore Backyard Wrestling. under the name Adam Cole. he debute din 2001

Ring of Honor (2001)

Cole Singhed for ROH were he wrestled 1 match and left

Freewrestling (2001-2015)

Cole began to wrestle for EHBW's devlopmental in 2001 were he would loose evrey match before being moved up in 2015

Extreme Hardcore Backyard Wrestling (2015-present)

In December of 2015 Cole debuted for the main roster were he began wrestling

Cocky Attitdude and Club 9 (2016)

in 2016 he began a cocky attitdude and began a facebook club called Club 9 this was short lived.

Singles Wrestling and Main Event Status (2017-present)

In 2016 he began his main event status competing in multipule main events and big matches this has continued when he lost a Gold Rush Tounement in 2017 since then he has evlouved

Black Cole Sun (2017-presdent)

during the Tournamet he began a heel gimmick change called the Black Cole Sun were he renamed hos facebook group name to the Cole Club this has continued since then he has became cocky and he flips off his oppent and tells the to Suck his D**ck he has said Nick Alin allowed him to make the gimmick and he chose a Bullet Club theme.

Cole Club (2017-2018)

Cole began mentioning his facebook club being a reality during a 6-Man Match during promos Alex Cole debuted the Cole Club they defeated the ACHP.

Tension with Styles (2018)

Tension started with styles after he kicked out Orbit for taking a pin the two continued to attack each other until a match was made at Flight or Fight with leadership on the the line if Cole loses he will be kicked out, despite winning Cole was kicked out.

Fued with Cole Club (2018-present)

Cole was kicked out and is now fueding with the cole club to get back in.


Heel Hall (2017 inductee)

3-time Gymnastic champion

10 ammutar wrestling champion


  • Cocky Sun of a Son
  • Cloud 9 Premire
  • Black "Cole" Sun"
  • Cole Club Leader


  • RevDev by Disco Manic (2001-2015)
  • Lynv by Emo (2015-2017)
  • Black Sun by Dramatic Coatic (2017-present;singles theme)
  • Shot and Running by Deep Club (2017-present; used while teaming with cole club)


  • Cole Kick (Ensaguri Knee) (2017-presdent)
  • Colev20 (neck drop dragon suplex in a single nelson) (2017-2018)
  • Cole Key (straight jacket suplex;sometimes done from the top rope) (2018-present)