Ballet Club, formerly kown as the Cole Club is American Professional Wrestling Stable that is singhed and to Extreme Hardcore Backyard Wrestling.


Nickname Name Leader In Stable Dates
Black Sun Alex Cole I February 4, 2017-April 28, 2018
Athletic African Junyua N/A February 4, 2017-present
Star Drew Young N/A February 4, 2017-february 16, 2017
Halley's Comet N/A February 4, 2017-March 1, 2017
Hard to Crack Havoc N/A February 4, 2017-present
Japaneese Kicker Osaka Iishi N/A February 4, 2017- January 4,2018
Alien Orbit N?A February 16,2017-March 1, 2018
Phenomenal Styles II July 1, 2017-present
Cleaner Kingston Omega N?A July 1, 2017-present
Shotgun Karl Racket N?A December 31, 2017-present
Silver Lining Bill Silver N?A April 1, 2018-present
N/A DJ Miles N?A April 28, 2018
Guard Dog N/A August 27, 2018
N/A Scruffy N/A August 27, 2018

Adam Cole's Leadership (2017-2018)

In February 2017 the group was founded and quickly gained members including Styles and Kingston Omega the group would lose Drew Young and Comet in 2017, at the end of the year speical Karl Racket was announced as the group's newest member, Bill Silver would join in April 2018 going into late april there was tension with Cole and Omega with Omega saying he deserves to be leader after the work he has done for the group, the tension ended on April 20, however Styles assaulted Cole for his handeling of the group and kicking out Orbit after Orbit shoved Cole off of Boulder to get a win.

Tension (2018)

Tension continued with the two beating each other up Styles challenged Cole to a match for leadership in which Cole backed out and then assaulted Styles from behind continuing tension in the faction, Despite winning the match Cole was kicked out and replaced with Styles.

Styles's Leadership (2018-present)

Styles took over at Flight or Fight with the debuting DJ Miles. the group would stay dorment with Omega winning the Japan min wrestling championship, a title he held until September, mean while Styles would defeat Mason Ryan winning the Extreme Hardcore Backyard Wrestling Championship, to add further dominence Dog and Scruffy won the tag itles.