Bobby Rhoode's undefeated streak was a undefeated streak of 13 wins and zero losses the streak is the longest since Asuka (people who won there debut match do not count since they could lose there next match).


Competior Record notes
Rusev 1-0 Start of the streak
Ryback 2-0
Curt Hawkins 3-0
Curt Hawkins 4-0 First time somone lost twice
Jey Uso 5-0
Wade Barret 6-0
Homicide 7-0
Kane 8-0
AJ Styles 9-0
Wade Barret 10-0
Kofi Kingston 11-0
Miz 12-0
Wade Barret 13-0
Apollo Crews 13-1

End of Streak


  • It ended by Apollo
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