Bow Labled the chair enthuist Is a charater in the day in the life of II here she sells chairs for some resone but when shes around marshmallow she is like a over pordective mom often speaking for marshmallow.


Bow uses a chair for preety mutch everything a sitting device a wepon and a form of disiplening marshmallow

Humanity and ghost

After her death in II fainaly she apperd as ghost but when test tube came apone her grave made bye marshmallow as a trubuit she used the bowantor to bring her back to life then she got revenge on mephone


  • She is the only charater to have to forms
  • she protects marshmallow 99% of the time
  • She sells diffrents types of chairs
  • she along with other charaters is seen useing a phone but she uses her phone to post photos on instangram usaly selfy`s with marshmallow
  • She has proboly gone isane thinking apple is dangerouse she has crowded and became too over protectve she has a plan to hypnotise marshmellow
  • She has begin to give marshmallow freebeies
  • She has a belts this means she does disiplin marshmallow