Eric Mathews Owens is a american wrestler from were ever he wants but he is better known bye his ring name Eric Ownes.

Golbal Wrestlening 2000:2001

Eric Owens began his caree in the indies under the ring name eric steen he wreslted 1 one match one dec 31 and left in 2001.

Grand Heights 2001-2001

Eric owens worked for new heights wrestling were he competed in a grand height tournments he won but leaveing shortly after this help him get notice and he changed his ring name latet that year

Every other indie show 2002-2014

Eric owens wreslted in every other indei show skipping the dumb ones

Feud with dog and puppy 2016 - Present

You know

Acompleshments and fishisers and themes

You should fucking know

Legal issues

In 2009 eric owens fail a dui test resulted in him getting removed from a plane and he commieted murder and vandalized privet property his legal problems is not as bad a wicked J


Eric owns was made in 2k16 and reapared in 2k17 and will apperar one ward

New look

Eric ownes will have blonde hair and a beard and a new shirt

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