Firey is a charatar from BFB and RW


Firey is a flame with the same assets as leafy


Firey retains his show personaily he is normaly chill and nice how ever if provoked he will get crossed


  • He had multiple image changes fhis current one is a gif
  • He likes reading he is seen reading creatuers of goiky
  • He had a old personailty this was changed in 2017 to make him less child-like and more firey-like
  • He had a foundness for icy and chould`nt really speak for him self this changed when he was "put thru the ringer"
  • Firey is still married to peridot desipite non constent recommend chararars no longer appear he is still married he still has his wedding ring
  • Back in the day he was uses a lighting source despite the everyone living in one house this was stopped for some reson it is unkown why this stopped mostlikey to make more since because lighters and matches are a thing