The Ink machine is a machine In BATIM and Randomess world Were it brought bendy,boris,and alice to life it also corrupted Sammy larwnce its located in the basement no mutch is know about it as it is barely seen it acts a life scorce for any body made of ink if disable bendy alice and boris will die its unkown if it will bring sammy back to human form most likely not as he might die without it


  • It acts like a life sorce
  • Bendy was the one who moved the ink machine to the basment of his house
  • Its barely shown
  • Its in the basment were the ink has flooded the basement it chould have been in the attic at one point as some rooms are flooded and there is in stanied on the walls in sammy`s office
  • Its probololy resposneable for flooding some of the rooms
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