Fear the skele temple as the final room has a dark secret _tattel Stallord is character from the LOZ and randomess world he is the boss of the skeleton dugone he is thr ruler of skeletons its unkown what he looked liked when he was alive

Summoning Stallord

The person must enter his room after clearing the dugon then the door will close after a short peroid of time stallord will rise out of the ground from his slumber

Fighting Stallord

Deafeating stallord is very difficult he has alot of attacks witch do alot of damage and two has stats effects


It is recomended to bright a light sword or light arrows to defeat him as those to alot of damage to undead creatuers and its best to avoid his attacks and bring fairies


  • Dark energy beams: stallord will shot dark energey beams from his mouth
  • Hand crush:Stallord will use his hands to crush his enemeys
  • Jaw crush attack:Stallord will go under have his jaws apper they will clamp on on his enemeys then he`ll rise out of the ground and spit his oppent out causeing fall damage
  • Summoning stalfos:Stallord summons 10 stalfos
  • Eye Beam attack:Stallord will use his eyes to conquer up dark energey beams to use
  • Head attack:Stallor will remove his head his head will either shoot dark energey beams or try and eat his oppents
  • Sword attacks:Stallord will pull a normal great sword from his head or a skele great sword from the ground and then stabs his oppents both cause massive damage and bleeding

How to avoid his attacks

To advoid his attacks is to simpley stay on the move


After his deafeated he will fall apart his head and arms will fall of his eyes go away and his spine goes into the ground thus signaling his defeat


After his deafeat he will drop a skele great sword as a prize and hear container as a second drop